2018 bye

Merry Christmas in advanceeeeeeee (that’s too many e’s but okay)

I’ve been busy with school is why I haven’t posted in a while (plus a little laziness).

But I’m here now😌

This year was slow at first but when it got to the month of June.. Kapooshhh December arrived in grand style.

Anywayyy its been an amazing year really with all the ups and downs and all the dramas and all of the serenre.

Basically ,to me this year was a year of lessons. I don’t know if you agree but based on personal experiences 😂😂mannnnn it showed me life .

The year is almost over and even if we have gone through lots I feel forgiveness is really important. Speaking out your mind, clearing grudges ,saying sorry,showing love to those you care about are the important things to do this season. I meannn who wants to carry bullshit into the next year.. Definitely not me.

Plus.. Don’t be waiting for someone to text you.. Text the person with all your chest and be plain.

2019 is all about winning. (It smells like money to me tho)

What have you accomplished this year? Work smarter next year

Love and hugssss

Merry Christmas and Happy new year in Advance.



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